GENERAL MEETINGS are 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM


WELCOME to Cascade Mineralogical Society, Kent, WA. Our Club is all about members learning and sharing ideas on rocks, minerals, fossils and the lapidary arts with of all our members, guests and schools.

General Meeting

at 7:00PM
American Legion Hall
S 252nd St, Kent, WA 98030 (No building address number.)

Board Meeting
Monday before the general meeting at 7:00 PM

Wendy’s Restaurant
505 E Smith St, Kent, WA 98030

Show Planning Meeting
at 6:30 PM

before the Board Meeting

Meetings, field trips, shows and activities.
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Yearly single or family membership is $25. Less than a one fast food meal for the entire family.
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Membership Benefits

  • Educational video or speaker on rocks, minerals, fossils and rock collecting at the General meeting each month.
    Rock topic every month where Members share their finds and others have on opportunity to see topic rocks and discuss their find.
  • Opportunity to see the lapidary arts other Members are doing.
  • Door prizes at every General Meeting.
  • Holiday Potluck Dinner and Summer Potluck Picnic.
  • First opportunity to buy Club rock, grit and machinery at extremely good prices.
  • Club auctions 2 times a year where the material goes at approx. 20% to 30% of its value.
  • Opportunity to socialize and talk “rock” with fellow rockhounds.
  • Monthly Newsletter the “Tumbler”.
  • Access to Cascade Mineralogical Society Facebook Group.

Lapidary Arts

  • Access to the Club lapidary shop and all its machinery and saws.
  • Lessons on how to use the machinery, saws, and tumblers.
  • Classes on wire wrapping and other lapidary arts.

Field Trips & Rock Collecting

  • Club field trips February through November. Led by knowledgeable Field Leader.
  • Quick access to information on other Club field trips.
  • Current reporting on Washington State land decisions that impact rock collecting.
  • Current reporting on US Forest Service land decisions that impact rock collecting.

Young Tumbler's

  • Young Tumbler's door prize at every general meeting.
  • Young Tumbler's badge program. While earning badges they learn about rock collecting, minerals and fossils. Badge program also promotes self confidence in public speaking and write.
  • Activities in the monthly Tumbler.
  • Earn "Rock Bucks" at every meeting and completing Tumbler activities.
  • Bingo once a year where you win rocks, minerals, fossils or ?

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Speak at various schools in our community about all aspects of geology and rock collecting.
  • Volunteer at Club booths at State Fair and Gem Fairs to handout information on our Club, rock collecting and other Clubs in Washington.
  • Volunteer to help out at our general meetings.
  • Volunteer to help at our annual Cascade Gem & Mineral Show.

Membership is $25 annually per family.

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